Development strategy

Strategic positioning

By taking UNI industry development as an opportunity, sharing economy as the impetus, and innovative services as the principle, create UNI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE  to be a first-rate asset management and asset operation company serving UNI "core - network - cloud -end" enterprise strategy.

Strategic target

With “own industry” as the leading role, construct park new development mode;
With strategic cooperation as the means , initiate the new development direction of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICE;

Development planning

Within 3 years reach strategic partnership with 30 strategic partners; construct the new mode of“main industry guiding park development”
Within 5 years reach strategic partnership with 100 strategic partners;
establish UNI Enterprises Club, and construct UNI entrepreneur circle layer;
relying on the existing UNI Tech-park projects, create the rudiment of 1-2 intelligence industry new town.

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